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What an enjoyable commission!

I am so happy to be able to share a photograph of my recent commission in its new home. This double painting  ( 200 x 80 cms ) is acrylic on canvas and depicts  Roc  D’Enfer in an incredible light and a careless cloud-strewn sky. A huge thank you to Linda who took the original photographs of one of her family’s favourite  views and very honoured to have the opportunity to capture this special vista for them.  On thé right, you might just be able to see a little notch in the mountain through which the family had an unforgettable walk and which lives on in family legend. 

Such a treat to paint this . Thank you Linda and family . 

Very happy to paint your favourite views and to capture your special places. Any size and number of canvasses you like.  Do message me . I’d love to hear from you.