Summertime Above Monterrebout

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When I was little I loved the magical illustrations by Janet Ahlberg in children’s picture books. There was a sort of safety and cosiness and messiness in the world she depicts which I still find appealing. This is from the hill behind our house and you can see the duck pond ( where there are real ducks) and a path running around it and next to it the orchard where there are nut trees and pear trees and apple trees and you can see the roof of our house and the barn where there are real goats with the little hills in the background and beyond that Lac Lemain– a sort of make-believe messy cosy little world where we hide.

Room setting view shows the painting in the size of original artwork

The photo above may not be representative of the accurate colours


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100 x 80 Original Painting, 50 x 40 Print, Framed Print


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