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Opening Night

Art Exhbition Morzine March 2023

Thank you so much to everyone who came along to my opening night on the 6 March in the atmospheric salle d’exposition on thé ground floor of La Chamade right in the centre of Morzine . And very special thanks to Thierry and Valérie  at La Chamade for their generous hosting. 

Art exhibition in Morzine for Nikki Risbridger

I was, of course, delighted to sell so many pieces but what has surprised me is that I sometimes, ridiculously, I feel reluctant to let them go. 

La Galerie Monterrebout paintings of Haute Savoie

Painting is an intimate thing. You pour yourself into the colour and shapes and brushstrokes and you can see the rightness -and the wrongness – at every turn. You can get overwhelmingly lost inside the image and colour so that at night they all dance in your head. But when it is right and when you sit and look you can get right inside the picture and be there, down in the weeds and roots or up there looking down on valleys and crags. Maybe this is how all artists feel I don’t know but there is something else that I hadn’t expected. When I paint I tend to listen to music and somehow the melody and notes I hear get embedded into what I’m painting. So this tree, that distant peak, that area of snow has, even after the work is done, a little song of its own. 

Original Paintings by Nikki Risbridger

So when I sell, I am selling you my song of a place in time. But it makes me happy thinking of your going there too.

Thank you so much