You are currently viewing La Dranse In Winter in its new home
La Dranse in Winter

La Dranse In Winter in its new home

 “I love the colour combination in the picture – I often walk along the Dranse and this picture truly captures the beauty and messiness of the riverside in winter.” Karen.
I am delighted to be able to show you La Dranse In Winter in its new home. Thank you Karen for this lovely photograph and for your thoughts on the painting. I too love the mess of the fallen branches and the leaves and the mud and the snow- which captures the unruliness of the seasons. I love as well the busyness of the river behind and the cold and grey of the swirling water. The eternal passage of the river, the movement of the water, and above all, the carving out of its watercourse, make me feel insignificant against nature’s power. I like the feeling of nature being bigger and more important than our little lives.

My exhibition in Morzine runs for the whole of February at La Chamade Restaurant,  90 Rte de la Plagne, 74110 Morzine, The salle d’exposition is situated in the Bar à Fromage on the floor below the main restaurant which makes a perfect quiet viewing gallery.

If you can’t make it to view the exhibition you can visit my online shop to buy my paintings and prints