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Above Monterrebout

The creation and inspiration for a painting

Above Monterrebout an original Painting by la Galerie Monterrebout
Above Monterrebout
We climb the hill behind our house, my mother and I, on a July afternoon on a day of sun and cloud . The land ascends steeply and, up there, like a bird , you are above the  view and above sound and you can look down on the hills and the trees and the valleys, a patchwork  in miniature spread out below you. In a trice you could run and jump and spread your wings and fly and see everything small small small below.  
The buzzards are mewing above and far off we hear Patrick the goat herd talking to the goats  ‘ Alllez, allez ‘ and calling  to his dogs. Just like Heidi we say, Heidi and her goats .
Above Monterrebout - the inspiration
And now at the top we sit among the long grass and I look down at  the green and brown and gold of  the seeds and weeds and leaves and stems alive with buzzing and crawling ; its own scuttling  bustling world .
I once saw a hand- drawn cartoon on television of a boy on a boat on a lake and in the first part it  pans outwards so the boy and  then the lake and then the country and then the world  gets smaller and smaller and smaller and then  it pans inward and you see a fly on his knee then inside the fly and  inside  the parts of the fly and then inside the cells inside the parts.
And this is what I think of. The near and the far. The up close and far away. The big and small .  And this is what I think of when I pick up my paintbrush and have tried to share with you.
3 - 31 March 2023

Restaurant La Chamade, 90 Rte de la Plagne, 74110 Morzine

An exhibition of original local landscape paintings featuring large colourful exuberant acrylics on canvas

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