About me
Nikki Risbridger

I am an artist living and working in the French Alps.

I was born and grew up near the Peak District in England and it was the raw, earthy beauty of the Pennines which impressed upon me a desire to capture a sense of that feral landscape. The big skies, the moody crags, the desolate moorland and the squat buildings. And the rolling greys and browns and greens of the boggy hillsides and moors and the skies behind and above – and a certain harshness of living and of the lives there, small against the hugeness of the natural world.

And it was of course the mountains that drew me here to the French Alps with their sheer vastness and majesty. The high peaks, the cols and the deep valleys, the busy rivers and still lakes and the greens and browns of the  trees and forests and always, always the enormous skies.

 There is a constant evolution and motion in the colour, light, tone and texture through time and weather and days and seasons. And it is this which I seek to capture and communicate in my paintings. This, and a sense of the perspective it gives to our little lives- It is all so much bigger and older and more important than we are.  What I try to paint is the feeling of a place in a time so you can feel how it is to be there, to smell the leaves and smoke and earth  and  to hear the noise it makes above the wind.

Nikki Risbridger

Living between England, the Middle East and France, I was involved with Primrose Art Gallery in England and trained at the Jam Jar Art Studio in Dubai, before making this incredible place my home.

I paint mostly in acrylics on large canvases (typically 80 x 100 cms). I also do limited edition prints and am happy to discuss commissions.

Limited edition Prints (framed or unframed) are available for all originals displayed. The standard size for prints is 40 x50 cms but do ask if you would like a different size. 


3 March - 30 APRIL 2023

Restaurant La Chamade, 90 Rte de la Plagne, 74110 Morzine

An exhibition of original local landscape paintings featuring large colourful exuberant acrylics on canvas

Original artwork for sale.
Also taking orders for framed and unframed prints.
Happy to take commissions

Snowy Trees Painting